SPOKEN ENGLISH: Essential travel phrases

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We are all traveling a few times a year and it’s necessary to know basic words and phrases used during our trip. Also, we need to learn to describe our vacation/holiday.
Take your cup of coffee and let’s start!

Travel phrases:

Hi, do you speak English?

Where are you from?

What time is my flight?

Where is my gate?

Where is the toilet?

How much is this?

I have a reservation.

Do you take credit cards?

Can I order something?

Could you give me a discount?

What time is it?

Do you have a city map?

Where is the currency exchange?

Where is the bus stop?

Where can I find a taxi?

Do you know where this hotel is?

Can you please repeat I don’t understand?

Could you take a picture of me, please?

Do you have any vegetarian dishes?

Do you have a Wi-fi in the hotel?

I’d like to have a non-smoking seat, please.

How long will you be staying?

I would like to book a tour guide, please.

How many beds are in the room?

Do you have an elevator?

I need room service.

Where can I find a supermarket?

Where is the restaurant?

In which direction is the bank?

How far is that street?

Can you tell me where is the best place for shopping?

May I see the menu?

I have lost my passport.

Someone stole my money.

Can you help me, please?

Can I rent a car, please?

Describe your trip (Example):

The first time I went to New York was spring 2017.I went there with my sister. We were there for about five days. I fell in love with the city. There was everything you could imagine from city vacation; shopping, delicious food, experiences… The list goes on and on… The first thing that we did at NewYork was finding our hotel. It’s name is Millennium Hilton New York Downtown. After laying down at the hotel’s king-size bed, we went to explore the city. That was the first time I got to see how a multicultured place New York was, as a melting pot. There was a very good chance for me to get to know NewYork’s food culture. It was amazing! There was Chinese, Indian food, Italian and European food, almost everything you can imagine. I got crazy about Di Fara Pizza. It was insane! We ate different meals every day. It was so delicious!

What I also want to write about New York, is the shops and street fashion. There were so many shops where I wanted to stop by. The people in New York were super stylish. There were so many different styles. That kind of dressing up I haven’t seen in my country. Every pedestrian was personal and different.

Homework: Describe your best holiday in ten sentences.

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1 thought on “SPOKEN ENGLISH: Essential travel phrases”

  1. Fazla says:

    The first time i went to sri-lanka with my husband,daughter and nephew in 2018.we had a 40 minute long flight, we landed at Colombo at 6 pm.we went to my brother in law’s house and ate and slept. The next day in the early morning we made sandwiches and packed for a long trip to nuraliya. We made a few stops on the way the drive was about 6 hours. After we went to the hotel we took the largest room that was available a penthouse. we had two floors a kitchen, a living room a big bathroom and a bed room. The view was beautiful from the balcony in the bedroom. We went to a shop that evening to buy coats and mittens for my daughter and nephew.the next day we had a big breakfast and went to the van to go for sight seeing. We spent 3 days at nuwraliya and went back to colombo to spend the rest of the holiday.

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